Old stoners and diabetes

The actual me at a grocery store on Veterans Day. Check out that chubby neck, ugh

I am no doctor or nutritionist, I only know what my own state of health is, what my doc at the VA says about it (his frown says it all) and what my current goals are. At 68 I feel pretty good, I’m mobile and with the exception of some back issues and joint pain from time to time I get by. I’m lucky and I admit it but I am also an overweight veteran who up to now has been using his PTSD disability as an excuse to eat the wrong kinds of foods, especially when ripped on Super Skunk! It’s so easy to reach for the cashews and chocolate when the munchies ambush me and they make me feel good, (only for about as long as it takes to eat them) and after all isn’t the fight against symptoms of PTSD centered around feeling good about yourself? I suspect I am not the only one that does this. But no more for me, This time I will do it. I am Gung Ho for Low-Carb lifestyle. Stay tuned.

Marijuana is a truth serum

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guess which one!

When I look in the mirror I am not happy and I sure don’t feel good about myself physically. It’s got nothing to do with the trauma of combat in Vietnam, it’s about that fat gut hanging over my belt line that I hate so much but can’t seem to do anything permanent about. I reach for the pipe to ease my mind and it gets worse after a lungful or two of White Widow because I get thirsty (beer) that’s when those little creatures on my shoulder appear, the angel and the devil, you know the ones ie. stop drinking/no, enjoy it you earned it – don’t eat that chocolate/go ahead indulge just this once – i should be working on the grow shed/naw, just have another toke When they start jabbering back and forth like this I have to go to my VFW post and look at guys fatter than me so I feel better, seriously!

Monster Gallery

Sleek like a torpedo and just as fast, soon as she got to her new home and her confinement at the shelter was over…wham! She was into everything. Didn’t care for the name they gave her at the shelter; STORMY, so I started calling her by her current name until I could come up with a real one. After one year she is daddy’s girl and much calmer but sometimes she just get goofy.