Golfing Stoned

If I had a dollar for every time I got high while playing golf I would be able to buy my own golf course! I even fired up a doobie at the prestigious Masters Tournament in 1983, hidden in the massive Loblolly pines between holes 13 and 14. I Had two hole-in-one's while stoned, both... Continue Reading →

Monster Gallery

Sleek like a torpedo and just as fast, soon as she got to her new home and her confinement at the shelter was over...wham! She was into everything. Didn't care for the name they gave her at the shelter; STORMY, so I started calling her by her current name until I could come up with a real one. After one year she is daddy's girl and much calmer but sometimes she just get goofy.

Help! My dog ate my weed

I Came home from work one evening after an exhausting day of sales calls with a "suit" from the home office. This dude had no sense of humor at all and criticized everything I did. So I am looking forward to a cocktail and a joint to calm myself before the wife gets home from... Continue Reading →

Marijuana back in the day

  What us old-timers refer to as in the past instead of "back in the old days" I'm talking about a period of my life that began in 1972,  the year I was discharged from the Marine Corps after four years in boots, a time that marked the beginning of my love affair with marijuana.... Continue Reading →

My stoned cat ate my homework

This is Monster, my gray rescue kitty and one hilarious feline. She got the munchies from a puff of marijuana vapor (by accident wink wink) and started to eat my organic grow supplies notes. Had to pause and break out the Sheba! to distract her.   She loves this gourmet cat food but only gets... Continue Reading →

Marijuana Goes Low Carb

How cannabis can help with weight loss An article by Kate Kasbee Given that the active ingredient in marijuana is responsible for causing food cravings, it seems backwards that smoking a particular strain could help quell them. Enter THCV and humulene. Low carb marijuana THCV,  or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid with a mellower psychoactive effect... Continue Reading →

Big Pharma Hates Legal Weed

Two-Faced Pharma The ginormously rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry have proven they hate marijuana by spending millions of their advertising dollars in markets (states) soon to vote over marijuana issues, aimed at derailing marijuana legislation approval by swaying voters away from legalization, especially legislation for recreational use under the guise that it would be harmful... Continue Reading →

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