Review of Growstar 2000 Watt LED Growlight

A big piece of the puzzle

With the lighting decided on and purchased I feel I have made a significant start with the more expensive things I will need to purchase for my organic grow. Available on Amazon (2 day shipping with Prime membership) this light is all the things you could ask for in a LED growlight for a 5′ X 5′ grow area. At 2000 watts it contains 200 chips of wide spectrum light yet draws a measly 5amps. When I hung it up using the harness and ratchet I was very pleased with the balance and especially pleased with the coverage. This baby puts out some light!

LED lighting was my choice

IMG_0449Metal halide lighting is considered best for growing weed but oh boy, the price will shock you and the power usage is prohibitive for a small grow. LED lights consume much less power and the word is they grow pot just fine. Rated to operate for 50,000 plus hours I can expect to get some fine harvests out of this great light.

And did I mention the price is right! At only $229. you can’t beat it!



I made a short video review for my purchase on Amazon, where I unpack the light and hang it. It was so easy!