Weed Dealers are weird

Have you ever known a reliable contact for pot when you needed it?

images (4)In my experience, starting back in the early 70’s, one after another of referred weed dealers were total flakes! It took an average of three weeks to make any kind of connection and then when you did make contact it became a circus. Even today in 2018 I was told about this guy in Phoenix who had everything. He had a green front porch light and when it was on he was open for business. One day I called him, he says “what you need dude, I got everything?” So I go there, takes about 40 minutes, this old guy in a house full of garbage and five dogs and a grouchy wife. I told him I would like some oil cartridges and guess what he says, “oh dude, I don’t got none of those, but I CAN GET THEM! Well kiss my grits!

Pot Dealers gave marijuana a bad name

What is so difficult about saying “I can’t score any right now” instead of “sure man (Dude hadn’t been invented yet), no problem? Then they give you the royal run-around for days if not weeks, each time saying “any day now”. It got to be so bad I would start looking after half my lid was gone. There were many times I just quit smoking weed cause it was such a hassle and back in those days if you got caught with an ounce, you were considered a major distributor in the eyes of the law.

When I finally found a good guy to deal with, reliable and safe out in California it was 2001. Who said perseverance doesn’t pay off?


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