Growing your own weed saves money

Grow in a state where it’s legal

Although growing weed organically sometimes seems more complicated than it should, I am assured of quality weed if I follow what the experts say. It is a significant  investment of time and money for sure but I feel I am ready for the challenge. In the long run I will consume better weed and save money growing it myself. Growing weed organically and posting the results here week by week gives me focus and something to do with my time besides whine about the poor quality (my opinion) of so-called medical marijuana and how expensive it is. Once my state legalizes it I am off and running!

download (27)To a disabled veteran like me on a fixed income, both the purchase of medical marijuana to get my mind right while waiting for the first harvest AND to grow it organically, the initial expense for all the equipment I need to grow my own weed is significant. I’m still young enough to think long-term, that growing my own pot will  save me money over time. I feel confident I have shopped the best deals, I spent hundreds of hours online researching what I felt was right for my grow, from lighting to buying seeds. I have read all the “grow pot organically” books and bibles, I am confident the end product will be well worth the effort and expense.

I’m so excited that when I see my first flower I may soil myself!

A friend of mine suggested I keep a journal of my first organic grow and I found it might make more sense if I laid it all out in a blog, complete with pictures. If I am successful in my attempt to grow primo organic weed it will be more rewarding to me than you can imagine.

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