My lust for weed on vacation nearly cost me everything

I had to buy my wife a BIG expensive ring at the airport leaving Jamaica just so she would speak to me. But it could have been worse, she could have gone home without me and shipped the body back when it was finally located.

Here is the story of how I almost let my lust for ganja almost get me killed

images (38)It was 1983, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Me and my wife, two sisters, two cousins and their hubby’s rented a villa in the hills above Montego Bay for seven glorious days. It was gorgeous, just like the one pictured here.


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George the houseboy scored us a pile of weed wrapped in newspaper

Fully staffed with two cooks, a houseboy/driver and another guy you don’t see in this pic, the mean looking guard with a machete and a german shepherd. the guy that walked point around the estate at night. It really did seem like paradise. The Jamaican staff were nice people and the food was awesome! First time I ever had fried plantains.

Beautiful sea breezes at night but if you opened a bamboo shutter in your room at night the guard outside would soon be at your window tapping on the sill with his blade and indicate you should close your shutter. like NOW! Holy crap am I in prison while on vacation?!

My Search for weed online

Buy weed online everybody says, right, sure.

IMG_0339Ok, so I got this big project I’m working on, a marijuana grow tent inside an old forest garden shack with an indoor grow of 12 plants. Actually it’s only part of a bigger picture, my organic inside grow.

It’s going to make a killer grow room but It needs work, lots of it, if I’m going to do it right! First insulation, then reflective material, add an inline exhaust blower with carbon filter, ocsillating fans, air intake, 1200 watt LED lights, special organic soil, soil and water testers, etc.

Hidden away on my little four acres of countryside in the heart of the US this little shed is soon to make me famous. Well maybe for 15 minutes anyway!

In the meantime and until first harvest I need to replenish my VA supplied pain meds for my PTSD and score some medical marijuana for everything else, it’s in the grow budget and keeps me from flinging hammers and kicking immovable objects.

Aha, buying pot online is not as easy as you thought!

legality-of-pot-in-the-us-map-the-united-states-of-marijuana-medical-marijuanaThe VA meds are easy to get but I have moved from a legal to buy marijuana state to one where it’s still very much illegal. My status as a disabled vet don’t cut no ice here, no matter how much PTSD I suffer from. So where can I go to get enough weed to get me through to harvest time, well, the internet of course, where I get most everything. I go online, type buy marijuana online in Google and lo and behold there are dispensaries listed there that will sell you any marijuana product you want, edibles, pre-rolled joints, oil, flowers, all of it! An old potheads wettest dream, right?